Circumstances changed, we are not interested in this feature anymore at this moment.

Just for the record workarounds using external call to 'openssl' can be found here:


On 13-Sep-16 16:28, Ruslan Baratov wrote:
On 13-Sep-16 15:58, Brad King wrote:
On 09/13/2016 07:42 AM, Ruslan Baratov via cmake-developers wrote:
Will it be okay if CMake will optionally depend on OpenSSL?
Or other third party crypto library?
Currently the only place that needs it is through `curl`, and
that uses either OpenSSL or the Windows-native or macOS-native
APIs for TLS.
So your suggestion is to extend 'file' command? Like `file(DOWNLOAD|UPLOAD <url> <out> S3_KEY <key> S3_SECRET <secret>)`?

It looks like curl does support HMAC.

I don't know, will take a look. We need this functionality:

echo -n "${stringToSign}" | openssl sha1 -hmac "${secret}" -binary | base64



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