On 09/22/2016 10:41 AM, Charles Huet wrote:
> a Fastbuild generator in the works, whose development started on CMake 3.2,
> and was pretty much abandonned for the past 5 months.
> I took the time to rebase it on master

Thanks for reviving it.

IIUC this refers to:

* http://fastbuild.org
* https://github.com/fastbuild/fastbuild

> big design issues can be caught right now

>From a quick glance the main problem I see is that it doesn't follow
the Makefile/Ninja generator model of organizing the generator code
into a per-target generator.  See cmCommonTargetGenerator and its
subclasses.  We've found that having a per-target generator is much
easier than passing the target pointers around in "local" generators.

> Should I create a MergeRequest on gitlab?

That will be fine when you have something ready, preferably after
addressing major architectural issues.  We can do high-level reviews
here first.

> https://github.com/packadal/CMake/tree/fastbuild-master

Please make every commit properly formatted (with clang-format)
rather than formatting after-the-fact.

If you've made substantial non-formatting changes from the original
version please record yourself as the author and add a trailer to
the commit message such as

  Co-Author: Josh Green <inbi...@gmail.com>


  Inspired-by: Josh Green <inbi...@gmail.com>

depending on how much original work remains.



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