Hi CMake ML,

I am quite new to the topic of making toolchain files. However I need to build a not so trivial application for iOS and I want to do it with CMake, and if possible walk toward an official support of iOS in CMake.

I have looked a bit to the Android toolchains, and I have to say I found those quite complicated as a first reading :)

The target application I am building uses Qt and Boost.

So far, I have managed to have an IOS toolchain file that is generating a looking good XCode project, that I can compile properly (up until signing).

I can share the toolchain file: it is a collection of things I have found on the internet, but trimmed from what I think was not necessary. It is still in a not so nice state, but I am currently cleaning it.

There are things that I think are weird though:

* I need to have:
    CACHE string  "iOS find search path root")

where this path is hard coded, and points to the fat static libraries prefix path of boost. If I remove this path, FindBoost does not find the boost libraries anymore (of course I am passing BOOST_ROOT). In addition, I have this:



this looks ok to me, as we are cross compiling.
Is this a problem of FindBoost, or the combinations of the options that are not ok?

* I need to add:

and this comes from https://public.kitware.com/Bug/view.php?id=15329 . As I understand it, this is a problem of try_compile: as signing of application is required for generating a binary for iOS, this one fails very early when CMake discovers the capabilities of the compiler. Some people made a workaround by short-cutting the compiler checks, which is to me a wrong direction to take. As mentioned in this ticket, the right solution would be that the try_compile commands not to require signing of the binaries (or sthg similar).
This is explained here: http://public.kitware.com/Bug/view.php?id=12288

* is this one https://cmake.org/Bug/view.php?id=12640 addressed?

* I am seeing exchanges concerning the IOS_INSTALL_COMBINED. Does this has something to do with toolchain? What is meant by "installation" in this case? Sorry for my naive question, but I do not understand the workflow very well.

* how can I have unit tests of the toolchain in a CI fashion. Ideally, I would like to have a target cross-compiled with this toolchain, and then running the iPhoneSimulator, and check the result (return code, process, command whatever).
Does anyone have experience with this?



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