I try to do a CMake build with static C runtime and a static Qt 5.10.0 build to 
avoid runtime errors when giving the binaries to colleagues. The Visual Studio 
version is 2017. AFAIK the official CMake builds already use this 
"full-static-build" scheme. However I end up with some linking errors of 137 
unresolved external symbols starting with

unresolved external symbol __imp_OpenThemeData referenced in function "public: 
virtual void __cdecl QVistaBackButton::paintEvent

and ending with

unresolved external symbol NetApiBufferFree referenced in function "public: 
static bool __cdecl QFileSystemEngine::uncListSharesOnServer

Are there some tricks I have to do to get this working? I changed all /MD flags 
manually to /MT, but nothing else so far.

PS: I'm not sure how the mailing list is handled compared to the gitlab 
instance. Would this be something I should open an issue for? I personally do 
not see it as an issue (which means "something has to be changed in the code" 
for me). Or is the mailing list more or less a leftover from before-gitlab 

Best regards,


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