I'm having an issue with CUDA (sadly the old-style FindCUDA, not the new
native support of CUDA).

The following CMake file reproduces the issue easily on Windows with any
Visual Studio Generator (14 2015 Win64 being the one I use).

Adding the file generated by cuda_compile_ptx to any target (even a custom
one) causes CMake to be re-run at compile time.
Which is very annoying, but causes build errors on multi-threaded builds
(permission denied on the vcxproj generated by this CMakeLists.). Of
course, such issues cannot be reproduced with this simple CMakeLists file.

Am I misusing the cuda_compile_ptx method ?
Is there a way to prevent such CMake runs during compile time to occur ?


cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.10.2)
find_package(CUDA 9.2 REQUIRED)


add_library(stuff SHARED SoArithmetic.cxx ${OBJECT_FILES})

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