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It's clear what you mean with the REGEX signatures, but I disagree about the 
optional nature of at least one input.

In my experience, the lack of an input to one of these signatures usually means 
there's a typo in a dereferenced variable name, or the
variable is unexpectedly empty.

It may or may not be the same as the output variable... but I think it's a good 
thing when you get a CMake error in such a case, as is
the case now. I hesitate to stop generating that error.

I assumed the CMake logic parser could distinguish by a count of
arguments between the case where the last <input> argument was missing
(i.e. nothing specified by the user) as opposed to the cases you
mention where there is something there such as a dereferenced
non-existent variable or variable that is unexpectedly empty.
However, if the parser cannot distinguish the non-existent last
argument case from all others, then I would sadly have to agree with
your conclusion that my idea should be rejected.  Because I do agree
you want to continue to generate CMake errors for the cases you

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