On 9/22/2016 1:58 PM, Michael Jackson wrote:
My combination is Windows 10 (Anniversary Update), Visual Studio 12 2013
Update 5, Ninja and CMake 3.5/3.6.

I launch CMake-GUI.exe, select my Source and binary directories and then
"Configure", select "Ninja" as the generator and then I instantly get
the error that CMake can not find the C/C++ compilers. I do not recall
ever having this issue. I just recently updated Windows 10 to the latest
so I am not sure if that caused something to go wrong? I use the
"Zipped" version of CMake if that makes a difference. I did have to
install the "Windows 8.1 SDK" in order for QtCreator to work correctly.

I can successfully do the following:
* Configure and generate from the command line for Ninja
* Use the CMake-Gui to generate a VS 12 2013 solution file without any
* QtCreator 4.1 can use ninja to properly generate its own projects with
a correctly detected compiler.

You have to run cmake-gui from an environment that has been setup to run the compiler. VS command prompt. If you run cmake-gui from a menu or clicking on an icon it won't have that and things won't work unless you use the VS generator which does not require a special environment.



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