On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 9:04 AM, Randy Turner <randallsturne...@gmail.com>

> Hello! I've been running into a frustrating issue on and off for the past
> year. The project will build the source files correctly but when it comes
> to linking the executables, I always get the same error. The specific file
> varies, but the failure mode is always the same. For example:
> <Linking>
> "C:\\Users\\User\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\<six digit temp file>", line xxx:
> error #10008-D: cannot find file
> "C:/Repos/operatingsystem/CMakeFiles/nvm_validate_ierator.
> dir/os/nvm/nvm_validate_iterator.c.obj"
> As you can see, the file path is missing a "t" in the first occurrence of
> the word "iterator" and so that file definitely does not exist. A file
> exists in the location with correct spelling, but somehow that hardcoded
> path in that temporary file has dropped a letter. The specific letter that
> gets dropped varies along with which file is allegedly missing. We noticed
> that requiring people to store the repository in their root directory
> greatly cut down on the occurrence of this issue but it is returning with
> more frequency as of late. Once it occurs once, CMake builds are never
> successful again and the only way that I have been able to completely clear
> the problem has been to reinstall Windows and set up the build environment
> again.

This seems really, really strange.  Have to reinstall Windows?  What about
just using another build directory?  It sure *seems* like there's some
problem in your CMakeFiles.txt where the way the filepath is being
constructed is incorrect.  But I don't think you've really provided enough
information to determine the problem.  Where does the name of the object
file come from?

Andrew Bell

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