On 10/14/2016 08:04 AM, Randy Turner wrote:
> As you can see, the file path is missing a "t" in the first occurrence
> of the word "iterator" and so that file definitely does not exist. A
> file exists in the location with correct spelling, but somehow that
> hardcoded path in that temporary file has dropped a letter. The specific
> letter that gets dropped varies along with which file is allegedly missing.

If this was all happening on the same computer I would suspect a
hardware error in the RAM and I'd recommend running a night-long memory

If this is happening on several different machines, then I don't know.
It could be something that is manipulating the path name with a regular
expression, or otherwise editing it.

If the missing letters were immediately after a back-slash (\) then I'd
suspect improper escape handling. But that doesn't seem to be it either.

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