Toolset "v140_clang_c2" allows me to generate (& build) Clang/C2 projects
with Generator "Visual Studio 15 Win64", and Toolset "v140" regular MS "cl"
compiler projects. 

Generator "NMake Makefiles" does not support any -T toolset specification;
all I can successfully generate (& build) are Makefile targets for regular 
MS "cl" compiler projects. I am unable to use "Clang/C2" projects.

By the way, I use "SET PreferredToolArchitecture=x64" in order to be able to
use the native 64-bit versions of these compilers, producing 64-bit code.

By the way (#2), as I also installed MS VS 2017 RC, using toolset
"v141_clang_c2" for Clang/C2 projects (or "v141" for "cl" projects),
correctly produces VS 2017 projects. But here too, no joy with the
combination "NMake Makefiles" for Clang/C2 compiler projects, only MS "cl". 

In short: my problem of trying to use cmake to generate Clang/C2 NMake
Makefile targets has NOT been solved. I now assume this is a problem with
cmake, or an unsupported combination.

Nevertheless, I thank you Parag for all your efforts.


Peter Jansen  

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