thank you for your answer. I already tried with CUDA_WRAP_SRCS but didn't really get how to use it and the https://cmake.org/cmake/help/v3.7/module/FindCUDA.html lacks of any samples really showing what is going on. How can I use CUDA_WRAP_SRCS to create the OBJECT and then add it to a library? add_library also only supports source files (Cannot find source file error when trying to add an object).

Is there an example anywhere that demonstrates how to manually add a CUDA object there?

On 2017-01-11 21:42, Robert Maynard wrote:
I believe you will want to use the low level command CUDA_WRAP_SRCS
with the MODULE option. Since CUDA_WRAP_SRCS is a low level command,
If you need separable compilation you will need to manually invoke
those steps too ( read CUDA_SEPARABLE_COMPILATION documentation on
what methods you will need to use ).


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