I'm a bit stuck when trying to add coverage reports to Cmake (gcov + lcov)
as I can't figure out what is the best (idiomatic) way to do it.
So far here are the ways I know of :
- setting the CMAKE_LANG_FLAGS based on a boolean + scan all files / run
gcov on it : would like to avoid this
- same but adding a new build type : seems to be way better but running
gcov would still be a pain
- same with a tool chain file for the flags : doesn't sound a good idea
since coverage should only be ran in debug
- some library to link with that propagates the flags : not possible
because link flags are not transient
- macro that adds the flags / does magic on a per target basis : many
scripts do this but seems to be a pain to maintain. Also I would rather
have all my test targets be set up automatically
- any of the above for flags and Ctest ctest_coverage but all I need are
the gcov/lcov reports, not the coverage.xml for the dashboard
- using the command parameter of add_test
- something I missed?

I want the setup to be easy and compatible with codecov.io, sadly all the
script I found are bad, undocumented, or old and using bad practices.

Any help is welcome!


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