Yeah, we'd like to support any CMake more recent than 3.7.0 (which is the
first version to support server mode). So your fork would need to be based
on a somewhat recent CMake. We probably wouldn't support a path directly in
build.gradle since that is typically a source controlled artifact. We'd let
you set a file path in and/or specify a CMake version
number in build.gradle where we'd search for it in some well-known

On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 5:21 PM, Eric Wing <> wrote:

> Hi Jom,
> I'm glad to hear Android's CMake will eventually catch up.
> But since you are here, can you add a feature that allows a user to
> specify an alternate location for where CMake is located? There are
> two useful cases for this.
> 1) Users daring or desperate enough to try using a more recent CMake
> while they wait (perhaps they could have merged with Google's branch
> manually)
> 2) In my case, I'm trying to implement new features into CMake (Swift
> compiler support). It's not going to be mainlined anytime soon since
> it is a long project, so even when you catch up, I still need to be
> able to call my fork of CMake.
> I don't want to overwrite anything in the Android distribution, and I
> have people using my stuff and helping me, so we need a way to
> collaborate. A simple gradle argument that lets me specify an
> alternative path to CMake would fix my problem. (The other things I
> need are specifying a toolchain file which I think you already support
> and an Initial Cache (-C switch) which maybe is implicitly supported
> since it is just a generic CMake command line argument.
> Right now, I am doing the alternative method of calling CMake myself
> through Gradle/Groovy scripts as people used to do. But I never
> figured out how to get debugger integration with Android Studio as a
> consequence. I would really like to move to the official Google/CMake
> support, but I can't do that unless I can invoke a different CMake. (I
> did pull the Google fork of CMake and I think my changes are
> mergable.)
> Thanks,
> Eric

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