This approach is not possible for Java because the command add_jar is 
implemented using commands add_custom_command and add_custom_target. And 
command target_sources implies that the target was created by one the commands 
add_library or add_executable.

From: CMake <> on behalf of "J. Caleb Wherry" 
Date: Thursday 1 February 2018 at 19:30
To: CMake ML <>
Subject: [CMake] How to add files to Visual Studio 'Utility' project


I am having trouble with a generated VS project that I hope is either a bug or 
has an easy fix...

When using UseJava, the add_jar function, and Visual Studio 2015, a VS 
'Utility' project is created. I then want to add additional non-compiled files 
to this project so I try to use target_sources but get his error:

"target_sources called with non-compilable target type"

In VS, I can easily add files to the project without issue. But I cannot seem 
to add any additional files to this created 'Utility' project through CMake.

I do this in other projects by using target_sources and setting the 
HEADER_FILE_ONLY and WRAP_EXCLUDE properties to make sure the project doesn't 
do anything with them and it works fine. Just can't do it for these Utility 

My use case here is that the add_jar command doesn't actually add the java 
source files to the project. I want to use VS as a code editor in this case 
because it builds the jar. However, without them in the project, I have to go 
outside of VS to edit them (and thus outside of my VS perforce control).

Thoughts? Maybe I am adding them incorrectly?


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