My primesieve project builds as both a static and a shared library, hence
there are 2 targets in my main CMakeLists.txt:

1) libprimesieve (shared library)
2) libprimesieve-static

I am now trying to add support for find_package(Primesieve). Ideally I
would like that users can link against libprimesieve as follows:

find_package(Primesieve REQUIRED)
target_link_libraries(user_library Primesieve::Primesieve)

And I want Primesieve::Primesieve to be an alias for
Primesieve::libprimesieve if BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON (in the user's
CMakeLists.txt) and and alias for Primesieve::libprimesieve-static if
BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=OFF (or if it is not set).

Is this possible?
Do you know any library that has already implemented this?


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