I'm kicking myself for leaving off the DEPENDS in add_custom_target as that
is the most essential part of what you suggested. Bah!

I tried copying in your changes verbatim and I'm still left with an output
that produces IS_INTERROGATE=0. This is on both 3.9.6 (my development
machine) and 2.8.12 (my testing VM). Does your version of CMake produce
IS_INTERROGATE=1 with your changes?

The rationale behind 2.8.12 is this is the version that ships with Ubuntu
Trusty and will probably be what's present if a user is simply told to
"install CMake" - although 3.5.1 is also available on that platform under
the cmake3 package, so I might be able to justify a minimum version of
either that or 3.0.1 (which is what's on backports-less Debian Jessie). I'd
have to bring it up with the project maintainer to see, but in any case
we're trying to follow a "stick with the same minimum version until we
encounter a bug we can't work around, then bump the minimum to the version
that fixes that bug" approach.

Thanks for your suggestions,

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