Am 22. Februar 2018 04:20:40 MEZ schrieb "Marek Vojtko (Firaxis)" 
>I was looking into GetPrerequisites and FixupBundle, but both of those
>operate on an already existing executable and try to guess what shared
>libraries (DLLs) it might need. It feels silly to guess at something
>that CMake already knows (as the IMPORTED target sets the

Actually at the point of installation this is the best approach especially for 
multi-config generators like e.g. Visual Studio. Else you'd have to know if a 
found .lib file is a shared or a static library (how?) and what DLL file it 
references. That's actually much more work than just looking at the actually 
dependencies of the binaries. Additionally if you don't exactly know for 3rd 
party binaries or plugins.

Catching all directories to find the dll files is also not simple but easier.


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