I was able to get 3.9.6 to compile setting CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH to the same
path that I pass .bootstrap with --prefix. I also had to patch
the Modules/Compiler/GNU.cmake file to use -idirafter rather than -isystem
as the latter leads to issues with #include_next.

I'm still perplexed why 3.10.2 thinks doesn't think my compiler, GCC 7.3.0,
is C++11 compliant. The only thing I can think of is that I am using a
somewhat older version of Glibc, 2.19, as that is the newest version
compatible with the host's kernel of 2.6.18. However, that glibc was
released in 2014, so I would think that wouldn't be the case.

On Fri, Mar 2, 2018 at 10:04 AM, Ben Sferrazza <bsferra...@avnera.com>

> I have a completely insulated boostrapped toolchain+binaries setup
> (located under /home/tools), following much of the Linux From Scratch book,
> that has been able to build everything that I throw at it. Most things
> just work with a simple --prefix option, as I have also edited the GCC
> specs file to include my /home/tools/include directory (using -isystem) and
> link against my /home/tools/lib directory (also with an rpath set, so that
> all binaries I build are complete insulated from the host libraries). The
> lone exception to this is Cmake. It appears to have a lot of hardcoded
> paths in its build environment to standard /usr/* directories.
> I first got wind that something was awry when Cmake 3.10.2 claimed my
> compiler, GCC 7.3.0, isn't C++11 compliant. Clearly this isn't the case,
> given that it's the latest release. So I then tried building Cmake 3.9.6,
> which doesn't require C++11, and it was finding zlib and other libraries
> under /usr/lib as opposed to my /home/tools/lib. I don't even have
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH set, as I use rpath in the specs file like I mentioned. Can
> anyone provide any help into how I can get Cmake to build against
> non-standard include and library locations?
> Thank you,
> Ben

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