Hi, I know it’s been awhile since I last posted anything about this.
Since my last post, I had quietly added to the Ninja backend to bring
it to par with the initial work I did on the Makefile generator. This
was partly done because I was trying to get compatibility with Android
which uses the CMake/Ninja generator.

Anyway, the CMake/Android support has come a long way in the past
year. I see that there is now even a way to specify an external CMake
in local.properties as long as it is 3.7 (or greater I presume).

I really need to be leveraging all the new support in Android Studio,
so I need to update my version of CMake. Unfortunately, my Swift work
started before 3.7, and I just tried a merge with the latest, but the
merge went very badly. It looks like cmLocalGenerator.cxx has been
significantly rewritten in passing time, and I am no longer certain
how to integrate my original changes.

Can some of you CMake guru’s clue me in on how I should change my
original patch to now work with the current CMake source? Is
cmLocalGenerator.cxx my only problem, or are there other architectural
changes I need to be aware of to make all the other changes in other
files also work?

There are 10 small commits I made in a separate branch for my original
change, which can be seen at the top of the page at GitHub:


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