I have managed to get CMake 3.11.0 to build by hacking the CLang-CXX file to 
specify -std=c++1y instead of 1z.  With 1z the __cplusplus define is set to a 
2017 date such that the CMake code presumes the existence of std::size, which 
isn’t actually defined in the headers I have (presumably because the system gcc 
is 5.4.0, circa C++14).

Is there a proper way to specify the -std= to use when running the cmake 
bootstrap or make?

> I am attempting to build the latest release of CMake on my ARM-based Ubuntu 
> system.  The bootstrap works fine, however the make fails with a bunch of 
> error messages which all look like variations on this one:
> In file included from 
> /home/andrew/cmake/cmake-3.11.0/Source/cmCryptoHash.cxx:5:
> /home/andrew/cmake/cmake-3.11.0/Source/cmAlgorithms.h:407:7: error: no member 
> named 'size' in
>      namespace 'std'; did you mean 'std::seed_seq::size'?
> using std::size;
>      ^~~~~~~~~
>      std::seed_seq::size
> Looking at the source the compiler is checking the __cplusplus macro to see 
> if it is 2017-something, and it apparently passes this test when I make 
> CMake.  If I just write a trivial program that prints this define, it outputs 
> 201500L.  The compiler in use is the system gcc compiler, version 5.4.0.  
> I’ve tried it with the CLang 7.0 compiler I just built and get the same 
> errors.
> Any suggestions?

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