Operator IN_LIST in generator expressions will be available in CMake version 
3.12, (i.e. the next version).
In the meantime, I am afraid there is no solution in the context of generator 
expressions. However, you can directly use the contents of the property in your 
get_property (link_libs TARGET mytarget PROPERTY LINK_LIBRARIES)
if (“mylib” IN_LIST link_libs)

The only difference is the evaluation time:

  *   Generator expressions are evaluated after all CMakeLists.txt processing, 
so any changes to the target done AFTER the use of 
$<TARGET_PROPERTY:LINK_LIBRARIES> will be taken into account.
  *   Using get_property: evaluation is done at the point where the command is 
used, so any changes done AFTER will NOT be taken into account

From: CMake <cmake-boun...@cmake.org> on behalf of Sam Edwards 
Date: Saturday 7 April 2018 at 23:35
To: "cmake@cmake.org" <cmake@cmake.org>
Subject: [CMake] Generator expression for "is in list"?

Hello list!

I'm trying to write a generator expression that only evaluates if my target is 
directly (not transitively) linked into the consuming target. I figured the 
easiest way to do that would be to test if the target's name appears in 
$<TARGET_PROPERTY:LINK_LIBRARIES>, however I'm not seeing a generator 
expression for substring or "string in list" tests.

What is the preferred way to accomplish this?


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