I am having issues after upgrading cmake to 3.10.2.
We have a custom platform that does require to set properties in vcxproj
<PlatformSdkRoot>$(PLATFORM_SDK_ROOT)</ PlatformSdkRoot >

For regular projects we set this through user files, so it works for the
generated projects. (it worked with cmake 3.7.0)

Now in the new cmake version when I generate a project with VS 14 generator
selected it fails, because I have enabled the languages C/C++.
The problem is, that cmake does try to build a project to determine the
toolset (calling FindVCTargetsPath). This does generate a
project VCTargetsPath.vcxproj which is not compile-able for the custom
platform since the properties required for that platform are not defined
and there is no way how to set them.

Please what can I do here to disable the toolset check or get around it?

Thanks a lot,

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