On 04/12/2018 08:22 AM, Ephi Sinowitz (BLOOMBERG/ 919 3RD A) wrote:
> CMake expects the PREPROCESSED_SOURCE output to be in the form
> <SOURCE>-pp.f and XL does not allow you to control that. The output> is 
> always of the form F<SOURCE>.f
> Is there anything I can do here like putting redirection or two
> commands inside the CMAKE_Fortran_PREPROCESS_SOURCE variable?

One can put two commands, e.g. something like:

   "<CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER> ... -d -qnoobject <SOURCE>"

Filling in `<WHEREVER_XL_PUTS_IT>` may be difficult.  I've observed:

* `/path/to/foo.F`    ==>  `./Ffoo.f`
* `/path/to/foo.F90`  ==>  `./Ffoo.f90`

CMake would need to be taught to produce a `<PLACEHOLDER>`
for this value, and it would need to know the mapping that
xlf uses for extensions.

Does xlf have a way to control in what directory the file is placed?


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