On 13.04.2018 21:48, Alan W. Irwin wrote:
However, that is wrong since that command currently needs two arguments even if
one of them is empty.  So instead I need the generated command to be

./test-drv-info "temporary_target_" ps > /home/software/plplot/HEAD/build_dir/drivers/test_dyndrivers_dir/ps.driver_info


./test-drv-info "" ps > /home/software/plplot/HEAD/build_dir/drivers/test_dyndrivers_dir/ps.driver_info

depending on how LIBRARY_TARGET_PREFIX is set.

Is it possible to implement that?

Hi Alan,

with VERBATIM just using regular unescaped quotes (which are cmake syntax and not part of the value) around the argument should work e.g.

    COMMAND test-drv-info "${LIBRARY_TARGET_PREFIX}" ${SOURCE_ROOT_NAME} ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/test_dyndrivers_dir/${SOURCE_ROOT_NAME}.driver_info

That way even when ${LIBRARY_TARGET_PREFIX} expands empty add_custom_command() will receive an argument which it will escape / quote as required by the build system.


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