I usually just download prebuild binaries if they are available or build the
required dependency from sources. There are some libraries (and other
software) that are not Windows-friendly (These products are still considered
cross-platform and usually are free in the way fanatics from FSF understand
freedom, i.e. freedom is the thing that should be enforced). In the case
where it is impossible or hard to build something on Windows with MSVC, I
try to find some alternative.

The reason for trying to build everything with MSVC is simple -
unfortunately, it is the official compiler for the platform and some things
can only be built with it for Windows.

Sticking to Cygwin or MSYS2 may be fine unless you need some things like Qt
with WebEngine support or, probably, CUDA (I am not sure if it officially
works with anything else but MSVC).

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