Dear All,

I'm contacting you, because we are having issues with CMake a few days ago and 
it makes our daily work very difficult.

The problem is that CMake cannot configure and generate a Visual Studio 
solution from an existing C++ codebase. We are attempting to generate a Visual 
Studio 2017 64-bit solution.

As per the error message VCTargetsPath is not found, so MSBuild is crashing 
after a few seconds.


I tried running MSBuild.exe in developer console, but it displays nothing at 
all. (The error code is 0x05).


MSBuild.exe is executing in Powershell however.


My question is how could we overcome the above issue? Could you please give us 
some possible workarounds or what direction should we take in order to 

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance,

Best regards,

Rajmund Kail
C++ Software Engineer


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