(Included cmake-developers list as well in case this may have just been
something that should work that was overlooked with the FetchContent module)

On Tue, Feb 19, 2019 at 11:32 PM Timothy Wrona <tjwrona1...@gmail.com>

> I am having an issue with using FetchContent to grab two subprojects that
> both contain a "doxygen" target to build the documentation.
> Both of these subprojects need to be able to be built independently and
> when built on their own they compile fine (along with their documentation),
> but when I pull them into one project using "FetchContent" I get an error
> saying I can't define the "doxygen" target more than once.
> I imagine this kind of issue would come up all of the time when using a
> "superbuild" pattern. Is there a typical way of handling this?

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