I use CMake 3.13RC1. My project produces, installs and exports a shared library 
target "fooshared". Some logical parts of "fooshared" are reused in an 
executable, so I have placed those sources into an internal static library 
target "barstatic". I have used target_link_libraries(fooshared barstatic) to 
make this work.

Problem: when I try to:
install(TARGETS fooshared DESTINATION <dest> EXPORT myexport)
install(EXPORT myexport DESTINATION <dest>)
..I get a whine about dependency to "barstatic" which is not in the export 
group "myexport".

I wouldn't like to export "barstatic" at all, it should remain under the hood. 
I tried to use target_link_libraries(fooshared PRIVATE barstatic) which cut the 
export chaining, but then symbols from "barstatic" were not available for users 
of "fooshared" anymore. So I worked around this by converting "barstatic" into 
an object library, but it feels ugly.

Why would CMake require exporting statically linked dependency targets among 
the targets that use them? Feels like a bug to me...unless someone can explain 
why :)

-Lassi Niemistö

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