I have worked on multiple C++ libraries that are built with CMake and run
Doxygen to generate HTML documentation. In every one of these libraries,
the documentation get's built into an "html" folder in the CMake "build"
directory and never gets looked at by anyone.

*Because let's be honest, most people don't like to read documentation at
all - let alone search for it.*

This leads to a few questions:


   Is there a standard location to put the documentation once it is built
   where it makes it very clear to the users of a library that documentation
   is available for a library?

   How can I ensure that every time my library is built, the documentation
   will be *automatically *updated and placed in this standard location?

   Is there any standard way to keep past versions of documentation for
   reference in case someone is using an earlier version of the library?

I have also posted this question on stack overflow. If you would like, you
can answer there instead because it may help a wider audience:


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