Hi Johan,

Have you tried the trace mode of CMake? I got reasonably useful results with

cmake [path] [options] --trace 2>&1 | grep subdirectory


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Subject: [CMake] Tree-like trace of add_subdirectory & include?

I'm trying to understand a large project built with CMake, and think it would 
be very helpful to get a view of which CMake-file "calls" which other 
CMake-file. I'm interested in the chain of calls using "add_subdirectory" and 

I have looked at the options "--debug-output" and "--trace", but they only give 
a "flat" view of the call graph. And reconstructing a tree-like representation 
from that info seems non-trivial to me.

I'm hoping to get something like this (I hope the intended indentation can be 

.... MyMacros/Setup.cmake
.... .... MyMacros/OtherStuff.cmake
.... lib1/CMakeLists.txt
.... lib2/CMakeLists.txt
.... Misc/CMakeLists.txt
.... .... prog_a/CMakeLists.txt
.... .... prog_b/CMakeLists.txt
.... foo/CMakeLists.txt

Is there some way to accomplish this, or something similar?

/Johan Holmberg

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