On Sun, Mar 19, 2017 at 11:53:13AM -0700, b...@ccrma.stanford.edu wrote:
> I think gtk wants to present a "brand" -- the "theme"
> writer conjures up a style, including all color choices,
> widget geometries, etc, and every program is constrained
> to march in step.  snd-gutils.c has a couple attempts
> to get around this, but since the gtk developers are
> busily subverting it, there's almost no hope it will
> work.  The way a theme is defined changes
> radically every few months, and it is a large task.
> gtk4 will be even worse -- I'll go down fighting...
> (Why do they think someone would develop a heavily-graphical
> program, and not care what it looks like?)

This is why I use the motif version of snd.

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