> So in the syntax diagram I think that would fall under:
> Pick ... "List" :  ..."Test": ..."RangeString"

I think the Piper meant to say

 | pick from 5.2 == ,99, count 4

The entire argument for 'pick' in this case is a 'Fromto:' fragment, since
it has both FROM and COUNT. The 'List:' fragment matches the "5.2 == ,99"
So once 'pick' has found a record with the '99' at the right place, records
are selected by counting them.

> The "Author's Edition" and the new IBM z/VM 6.4 CMS Pipelines "Users Guide
> and Reference" certainly do contain the most interesting
> information, versus the older IBM z/VM 6.1 CMS Pipelines "Reference" manual.

I'm happy you like the book. If you know the "Author's Edition" then the new
z/VM 6.4 will feel very similar, and I can be blamed for the mistakes. The
various revision codes show a lot has changed in comparison with z/VM 6.3

Sir Rob the Plumber

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