On 2018-04-13 5:20 PM, Rob van der Heij wrote:
> I may be missing something, but FANIN has only a primary output, so how
> would NOT do anything for you?

The first input had some little sidetrack pipelines that wound up
orphaned at the bottom of a long, straight pipeline after the FANIN.
NOT let me put them together up top to keep track of them more easily:

  (end /) ... one input here ...
    | one: locate somethingorother
    | ... a little preprocessing ...
    | this: faninany
    | that: not fanin
    / one:
    | two: locate someotherthing
    | ... a little more preprocessing ...
    | this:
    / two:
    | this:
    / ... another input here ...
    | that:
    | ... then a whole lot of stages here ...

> Now the popular idiom is NOT LOOKUP AUTOADD

Right, I have zillions of those, but just a few like the model above
where my main processing was on the primary output, so NOT helped me
keep the input processing together.


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