I have seen a few anchor balls around here (St. Michaels, MD) usually on boats visiting on their way up or down the ICW - there are two anchorages on the river, so they know what they are doing. Most don't. Some don't even display lights at night....


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West sells a fold up anchor ball for a relatively cheap $17. But I bet they don’t sell many. I’d not have a clue as to where you could go to buy a steaming cone. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen either one of these actually being used by a small boat. I do occasionally see day shapes displayed on the larger shrimp trawlers in our waters, but not often.

Rick Brass

Washington, NC

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you do (so triple points for you (each point can be converted to a drink of your choice when visiting on my boat)). Though, I should have said that professionals should not apply (;-).

I don’t have the day shapes either, but I have to say that a long while ago I used to sail on a boat that regularly displayed the black ball when anchoring. And we used to carry both the black ball and the black cone. However, I don’t remember ever displaying the inverted cone. And I don’t think I ever saw an inverted cone displayed.


Ottawa, ON


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