Oops - I didn't mean to turn this into an Apple vs Android debate! : ) But
I can't resist responding to a few of your points:

- It's not true that on Android you're locked in to one app store. There
are alternatives (most well-known of which is Amazon's app store):
Also Android phones can be easily unlocked and you can install any app
package that you wish, downloaded from the Internet without any app store
(at your own risk). Apple doesn't allow that to be done easily (you need to
"jailbreak" it), and their app store is also more restrictive of app

- Hardware lock-in - maybe we have different definitions of "lock in", but
what I meant could be better phrased as "intentionally decreased hardware
intercompatibility." I can't power/charge an iphone with a USB 2.0 or 3.0
cable (without some kind of adapter), and those are industry wide open

So, yes, Apple isn't the same as Raymarine (and objectively not as bad),
but both have good examples of similar efforts made to create a closed

And I am typing this on a MacBook Air. So I'm not a complete Mac hater. : )

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> Patrick, I have to chime in for Apple here - and not speaking to the
> iPhone 7 because I haven't been paying attention and I'm an Android guy,
> but there is no "hardware lock in" with Apple. "Ecosystem" lock in,
> absolutely. You get the iPhone so you're locked to their App store - yes.
> This is also true for Android. There are benefits and there are drawbacks,
> but hardware lock in - no. They use all the same ports everyone else uses
> these days. I'm a Windows, Linux and Mac guy ... Someone wants to take my
> macbook? - from my cold dead hands!
> The XPS laptops and that come close in industrial design these days - they
> have that nice edge display. But it's still Windows and well, Windows was
> my first, but it's a total kludge fest compared to the UI in OSX. I use
> both, every day and once upon a time, back in the OS9 days, I made fun of
> the mac guys.
> Steve
> Suhana, C&C 32
> Toronto

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