All this talk of polars has reminded me that I have a spinnaker for a 35-3
in my cellar that will definitely help you hit those polar targets in light
air.  This didn't go with the boat when we parted because they wanted to
stick with the PHRF NE recreational handicap.  Please contact me off list
of you're interested (in the $1000+ range).

The spinnaker is essentially brand new, hoisted less than five times,
delivered to me in April 2015.  It is a 0.5oz AirX (polyester not nylon)
North V Series S1.5 light air runner (VMG) and has an IRC certificate if
needed.  It was amazing for the very short time I had it in Long Island
Sound, and more versatile than I expected (10-15 knots AWS / 70/75-160
degrees AWA).

Click here to see North Sails downwind sail selection / details



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