I don’t know if Klacko Marine are still around, they’re in St Catharines.

Contact info is at the bottom the web page.



Rick Taillieu

Shearwater Yacht Club

Halifax, NS.





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Subject: Stus-List Replacing 33-2 Bow Roller and Fitting


I would like to replace the Bow Roller and Fitting (stemhead?) on my 33-2 with 
something stainless that's a little beefier, has an attachment point for my 
code zero and provides better gelcoat protection for my self launching anchor. 
Has anyone replaced the bow roller fitting. It looks like the stem fitting is 
totally separate for the jibstay plate. Would love to hear from anyone who has 
experience with removing the stem plate or recommends for a fabricator near 
Pickering On. 





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