Jake, my ICOM m506 vhf is NMEA 2000 compliant and has an. AIS receiver.   It 
plugs into my accursed seatalk NG network via an adapter cable, and my ray i70 
displays the AIS targets.   Plug and play.     SeatalkNG is an nmea 2000 
network with a proprietary cable system intended to make it difficult to use 
any non-Raymarine instruments on your network. the data is the same, you must 
simply deal with some non–mating plugs.

I have the icom vhf and a garmin GPS antenna on my SeatalkNG network and both 
work fine.  In one case I added a field attachable nmea2000 connector to a 
SeatalkNG cable, in another I bought a raymarine adapter cable. 


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Yes, that would talk to my current plotter, but not to my Raymarine stuff
that is SeaTalk NG.  There's probably a converter available somewhere.  I
plan on getting a Raymarine plotter soon, so everything will be NG then.


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