My 1976 model 38-2 has a small locker  - perhaps 6-8´deep - under the port
cockpit seat (basically in the area above the quarter berth). The portion of
the seat that forms the lid of that locker is cored with what looks like
luan plywood less than ¼” thick, and the edge of the plywood is actually
exposed at the back edge of the lid. The hinge hardware that pierces the
core was not sealed well (thought the installation IS almost 41 years old)
so the core is rotting and water seeps through the lid into the locker. No
standing water in the locker, there are drain holes in the teak side of the
locker that supports the lid, but all the items in the locker are
chronically wet after a rain storm. And there is not much air flow to dry
stuff out.


One of my winter projects is to remove the lid, replace the core, and make
sure the hardware is properly bedded and goes through solid glass.


The lazarette on the starboard side of the cockpit has a similar arrangement
for the lid, but the small amount of seepage that probably happens goes
right into the bilge and has not shown any evidence of water accumulating.


Rick Brass

Washington, NC




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Does anyone else get water in their cockpit locker?   I don't see how it can
get in there from the basic design.  It seems to be damp in there most times
and it makes no sense.

Thanks in advance

David F. Risch
1981 40-2
(401) 419-4650 (cell)


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