As Dave said you need an NG to 2000 adapter cable a NMEA 2000 tee and

Hard part is routing the NMEA cable.

On Monday, October 17, 2016, Dave via CnC-List <>

> Jake, my ICOM m506 vhf is NMEA 2000 compliant and has an. AIS receiver.
> It plugs into my accursed seatalk NG network via an adapter cable, and my
> ray i70 displays the AIS targets.   Plug and play.     SeatalkNG is an nmea
> 2000 network with a proprietary cable system intended to make it difficult
> to use any non-Raymarine instruments on your network. the data is the same,
> you must simply deal with some non–mating plugs.
> I have the icom vhf and a garmin GPS antenna on my SeatalkNG network and
> both work fine.  In one case I added a field attachable nmea2000 connector
> to a SeatalkNG cable, in another I bought a raymarine adapter cable.
> Dave.
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> Graham,
> Yes, that would talk to my current plotter, but not to my Raymarine stuff
> that is SeaTalk NG.  There's probably a converter available somewhere.  I
> plan on getting a Raymarine plotter soon, so everything will be NG then.
> Jake
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