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Not sure I agree. I have never seen solar panels sold at suboptimal power points.

I grabbed one random model from the Miami Electrical site someone mentioned and it is no different:

Max power is 250 watts at 29.6 volts, and max current is 8.44 amps.

If you want 250 watts out of it, you need a MPPT controller to translate 29.6 volts into whatever you need.

The Renogy is the exact same, it gets max power at 18.5 volts and you need a MPPT controller to translate into what you need.

Are you implying the Suniva panel actually puts out MORE than 250 watts but they are not telling you that for some reason? Their own document states MAX POWER. It would be a bit odd to say the least if 250 watt panels were really 300+ watt panels with the right controller.



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Ohms law supercedes marketing fluff and folklore. Renogy is not as forthcoming as many of it's competitors. No, all panels are not sold to the same standards as Renogy. Can a car manufacturer claim 30 miles per gallon, based on mileage attained without the car's interior installed, and tires inflated to 100 psi?

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