Thank you for the replies.
The shaft taper does not seem to be an issue.I placed the spinner housing
on the shaft without the key and with the key. The position of the housing
doesn't change at all.
The shaft key as you can see in the video is captured wholly within the
body of the prop "spinner" housing, so I don't believe that is the issue.
Josh, there seemed to be some abnormal wear issues when I disassembled it.
I couldnt get any good pictures, being so small.
Here is a link to a video showing me installing the prop, including a good
view of the slop I am concerned about.
The prop is now on its' way back to PYI. I'd like to say Jerome's response
to my concern has been terrific. He's followed up with several calls and
had me send it back to them on their UPS account.
We will see hopefully soon what the issue may be.

Brian Fry
S/V La Neige
1993 C&C 37/40XL
HdG Maryland

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