Having done the same struggle for years, in 2015 I installed a tee valve under 
that same floorboard. It was from this company:

I also added a long enough hose to reach the helm, so now, when winterizing, I 
close the thru hull, change the tee, and lead the hose to a bucket on the deck. 
Same with spring commissioning on the hard. Now only a one person job -- and an 
easy one at that. 

I can't recommend it enough, but shame on you for bringing up a winterizing 
subject in August. 

All the best,


Edd M. Schillay
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On Aug 5, 2017, at 9:01 AM, William Walker via CnC-List <> 

I just close the intake through hull, take the top off the strainer, and pour 
in antifreeze with engine running..done.
Bill Walker 
CnC 36
Pentwater Mi

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On Saturday, August 5, 2017 Ron Ricci via CnC-List <> 

Each year, I struggle with pulling a hose off my raw water strainer to flush 
anti-freeze through the system.  I’ve considered installing a tee in the line.  
Recently I came across an adaptor (Sea Flush) that fits in the top of most any 
raw water strainer but it didn’t look like there was enough vertical clearance. 
 There is an adaptor for a Groco strainer but my C&C 37+ with a Yanmar 3HM35F 
appears to have a Perko 0493 Size 5 strainer.  I contacted Perko who indicated 
that I could convert my 0493 strainer to a 0593 model which has a flush valve 
and hose connection on the top.  Unfortunately, it looks like I’d need about 
$250 worth of parts to make this work.  I’ve heard that a second cap for the 
strainer could be modified by installing a hose fitting.  The cap costs about 


I’m curious what other listers have done and if I’m right on the strainer model 



Ron Ricci
S/V Patriot

C&C 37+

Bristol, RI


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