Crap!  Easy job went bad but yielded good result. 

Changing the heat exchanger pencil zinc on my Universal 25XPB is usually a 5-10 
minute job every couple months. This time the zinc stuck in the nipple. Access 
is difficult with only 3 inches so their is no room to tap with "special tool 
alpha (hammer).  Decided to pull the end cap and see if I could grab it and 
pull it out with pliers. Nope!  None of it sticking up.

While the end cap was off I thought it would be a good idea to look at the 
tubes. Mirror on a stick showed a couple pieces of zinc and a couple tubes 
scaled up. Double crap!

Compass Marine has a page documenting pieces of zincs plugging Westerbeke and 
Universal exchangers. Worth a look. 

Spent an hour or so with a pick chipping scale. Access is bad with a scupper 
hose and bulkhead limiting room. Managed to remove most of the scale and flush 
the scale and zinc pieces out. Not totally clean but much better. Last trip out 
the engine was running about 10 F hot. The scale may have contributed. 

So now back to the original problem, the zinc piece stuck in the nipple. 
Couldn't get any leverage to push or tap it out. I finally took the zinc cap 
(the plug that the zinc screws into) and put a pan head screw in it. Managed to 
catch a couple threads, tightened it and used the screw to force the zinc piece 
up into the exchanger. Removed it, reinstalled end caps and new zinc. Engine 
runs on temp now. 

Beer time!

Probably need to acid clean the exchanger when the boat gets back to home slip 
in a couple months. 

Dennis C.
Touché 35-1 #83
Mandeville, LA

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