I may have what you need.  I removed a complete B&G system from my boat two
years ago.  I still have all the pieces.  Contact me off list and we can
discuss exactly what you need.




Jake Brodersen

C&C 35 Mk-III "Midnight Mistress"

Hampton VA





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Does anyone have a B & G Harrier 6 boat speed and log cockpit instrument
surplus to their needs which I could purchase. I know that this is an old
instrument but for the amount of use it gets on my boat, I would like to
continue with this model. I know that the transducer is OK because the cabin
monitor gives a speed reading.The countdown function still operates on the
cockpit bulkhead. Or are there any suggestions for a transducer compatible
alternative, or at least with a transducer that fits the same thru hull.
Just hoping.


Celtic Spirit

C & C 35-3

Hamilton, ON. 


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