Previous owner claimed new Lexan “waterproofed windows” and a mysterious leak 
that no one could find on the starboard settee. We hosed down the topsides 
yesterday and discovered TWO mysterious leaks, one for each port window. One 
into a light above the salon table and the other on the settee. Mystery solved. 

The windows aren’t separating from the deck so I’d like to keep the windows I 
have, thinking I’ll try the South Shore Yachts approach and see how long it 

Purchase: “Sudbury” Liquid Elastometric Penetrating Sealant (3oz Tube – 
Available at South Shore Yachts for $11.50 plus shipping and tax), 2″ good 
quality masking tape, rags and cleaner for clean-up.

1. Clean window and deck. While doing this, try and locate the area of the leak.
2. Once you have located the leaking areas, cover the window around area or the 
whole window. (we prefer to use 2″ tape covering the whole window and the deck 
above the window leaving a space between the taped surfaces of 1/16″ to 1/8″
3. Once area is dry, apply the sealant in a fine bead at the leaking area or 
along the entire length of the window from the bottom of the forward edge up 
along to top of the window and down the aft edge. Let this dry and reapply for 
a second time.
4. Clean area and allow sealant to cure. Then water test and repeat Step 3 if 
the window is still leaking.

And if that doesn’t work I’ll save the window-replacement project till next 
year and get a roll of tape. 

Chris Hobson
S/V Going
C&C 30-1 #615

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