I ordered a fixed Mast gate / mastgates.com for my C&C 24 and installed it
last week.  It was really useful when we had to reef and un-reef during the
2017 Gov Cup race last weekend.  We were able to get a better trim on the
main when reefed than before.

Tom and I went back and forth a couple of times and talked on the phone.

We sailed short handed in the 15-20-25kt winds beating south from Annapolis
to St. Mary's during the race.  At the tail end of the race we made a few
head sail changes and reef and un-reefed to adjust for conditions.

The little C&C 24 took 3rd in short handed, but could have also been 3rd in
Spin C or N.

It was a good night to have old sails I guess.

Doug Ellmore, Sr.
s/v Red Sky, 1976 C&C 24

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