That’s strange, I ordered 2 last year and they both fit perfectly and work a 

I got both the 2 piece, and the bifurcated. (As I dint know what would work 
best for me)

I prefer the 2 piece, and have used it in 40knots reefing down.

Important is to not tighten the reef clew till halyard is tight, hence keep the 
load of the slugs at the track.

Mine are screwed on with #10 ss RH.


From: Patrick Davin [] 
Sent: August-08-17 8:57 AM
Subject: Re: Stus-List mast gate


I ordered a mast gate from <>  this June 
before departing on our summer cruise. I don't want to dissuade you from them 
yet because the jury is still out (I'm working with Tom to hopefully get it to 
work) but I haven't been able to make it usable yet. 


The design and installation of the mast gate is more complex than I expected, 
and basically if you don't very precisely position the metal, the sail slugs 
will just pull right out, or get stuck. This is very inconvenient when reefing 
in 20 kts with steep confused waves (wind against current in a Strait). 


Apparently the order packer sent the wrong kind of rivets with my mast gate, so 
Tom sent the correct ones which I'll try out in August now that we're back. He 
prefers plastic reusable rivets over tapping machine screws.  I'm not sure the 
new rivets are going to fix the issue though, because the thin SS plates are 
difficult to shape correctly to the mast slot, and they're fairly distorted now 
from the hammering (which you're supposed to do to shape them) and sail slides 
ripping out. 


His design was custom fit to the 7" long slot of the LF38 mast, but the 
relatively flimsy SS flexes or bends a bit in the middle which can result in 
slugs pulling out. The instructions also require dremeling away some of the 
aluminum lip of the mast's slot, to get the gate to fit snugger, which is a bit 
of a tricky process to do precisely.


Tom has offered to make a new top cover plate though which might be better. 



1984 LF 38

Seattle, WA



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From: Eric Frank <>
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2017 07:59:42 -0400
Subject: Re: Stus-List mast gate


I installed a mast gate from Tom Luque at in 2013. At that time he 
was making them of quite thin SS, for use in smaller boats, and it bent when I 
put in a double reef on the main.  So had a friend machine a beefier one from 
aluminum and that has worked well. Tom was interested in the design, so I sent 
him the design drawings and a picture:


Tom recently started fabricating them using my design and I think is making 
them with a 3D printer - don’t know the material. I can send you the drawings I 
made with all the dimensions, and that would be right for your boat as our 
boats are identical - CC35 MkII.  


Eric Frank
Cat's Paw
Mattapoisett, MA


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