Hello all,
I'm looking for someone to correct me if I'm going down a bad path...
Our 1994 C&C 37/40+ has grayed out teak grab rails, 12' on center with 6 loops. 

We're in Florida, where sun likes to strip varnish away with ruthless abandon, 
and the boat has a sleek, modern look on the outside anyway.  I am thinking 
about doing away with the teak rails and going with either stainless handrails 
or, I see that I can get white PVC rails from Hamilton Marine for about $160 

I'm kind of thinking it might be hard to have really sleek looking stainless 
ones made which would easily mount through the existing holes in the deck...
Anyone here have any experience with PVC handrails?  

Thanks for the insights, Bruce Whitmore

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