I have a set of checklists for Grenadine. In fact I just updated it yesterday 
so my crew can race her next week in my absence. I keep a laminated printout of 
it on board. My document is not as thorough as yours, largely because Grenadine 
doesn't have as many systems as Touche (refrigeration, navigation, inverter, 
etc.) but the basics are pretty similar. I've appended Grenadine's checklists 

Randy Stafford 
S/V Grenadine 
C&C 30-1 #7 
Ken Caryl, CO 

Grenadine Checklists 

Opening the Boat: 
* unlock and unlatch companionway and lazarets; put padlocks back 
* remove companionway hatch boards and stow below on port-side shelf 
* open forward hatch to air out boat 
* ensure vanity sink drain seacock is closed (it should be) 
* turn battery switch to all 
* manually pump bilge (handle in starboard lazaret) 

Preparing to Sail: 
* select a headsail: drifter<10mph, #2 genoa 10-20mph, #3 genoa >20mph 
* rig the headsail: shackle the tack, attach the halyard, tie & lead sheets 
* uncover & rig mainsail (attach halyard, unpile sheet & traveler lines) 
* get out winch handles (port lazaret, tupperware on shelf) 
* uncover tiller 
* stow loose items in cabin, put coolers & bags on floor 
* close forward hatch 

Starting the Engine: 
* open raw water intake seacock (in starboard lazaret, on hull, blue handle) 
* open fuel supply petcock (in starboard lazaret, above tank starboard forward 
* run blower 5 minutes 
* pull out choke 
* pull out ignition 
* press starter button 
* push choke in as she warms up 

Getting Underway: 
* cast off all (four) dock lines 
* back her out of the slip. Look for traffic, anticipate what the wind will do 
to her. 
* while backing, the bow will move whichever way you point the tiller. 
* when clear of the slip, shift to forward and drive her out of the marina. 
* untie fenders & stow in port lazaret 
* close lifeline gate 

Setting Sail: 
* loosen mainsheet, outhaul, cunningham, reef lines 
* untie & raise mainsail 
* trim / tidy lines 
* shut off engine (push in ignition & blower) 
* leave shift lever in forward gear 
* untie & raise headsail, trim sheets 

Dousing Sails: 
* start engine per above checklist 
* drive into wind 
* douse headsail & tie down 
* douse mainsail, flake & tie down 

* hang fenders: two large ones to starboard; two small ones to port 
* open lifeline gate 
* drive her into the slip. Anticipate what the wind will do to her while 
* crew step onto dock and pull / hold boat, cleat dock lines 

Putting the boat away: 

On Deck: 
* flake, bag & stow headsail 
* coil & stow sheets 
* shackle headsail halyard to flag halyard cleat on starboard lower shroud 
* shackle main halyard to stern pulpit brace on starboard side 
* flake, tie, & cover mainsail 
* cover tiller 
* put away winch handles (port lazaret, tupperware on shelf) 
* coil & hang, or flemish, all lines 

* close & latch forward hatch 
* ensure head is flushed and empty 
* ensure vanity sink drain seacock is closed (it should be) 
* switch off all circuits at panel 
* turn battery switch to off 
* close raw water intake seacock 
* close fuel supply petcock 
* lock companionway & lazarets 
* close lifeline gate 


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